Access Control


No business is alike, they each have different requirements and operate to their own specifications. To support every need, we have created a variety of access control setups that can be introduced into your premises.

RFID Card or Tag Access

Widely used and one of the most cost-effective and reliable methods.

RFID cards and tags provide an efficient way in which to manage and report on access to your premises. They require no registration and ensure quick and secure entry and exit.


Face, finger and voice recognition are widely becoming the de facto way to gain access, whether unlocking your phone or to enter your premises. That is why we utilize some of the best biometric access control brands in biometric verification.

Gate / Booms – Automation

Providing vehicle access and control, our boom systems are either manually controlled by an operator or linked to protocols such as biometrics, RFID or a key fob. The important thing is that everything is interconnected offering you and oversight on all vehicle movement in and out of your premises.


Coupled with either biometrics or RFID cards, the turnstiles physically prevent entry and can either be controlled manually by a guard or linked to one of the many access control protocols we provide.

Stop the problem at the door

Access Control systems are one of the chief components to managing movement in and out of any business, estate or establishment successfully.

The installation of access control systems gives you the ability to lock down and manage areas of your residential, business, restricting access to specific times, people and groups.

Prevention is better than cure! Stopping unwanted or restricted people at the “door” is what creates effective security.

This not only helps you just manage access but prevent accidents, reduces your overheads and increases productivity.